The Work

Decorative Painting services you can choose include imnumerables techniques.​

Can be applied to walls or furniture depending on your needs.

Any space can be completely transformed  with my painting techniques.


 Murals Interior or exterior .

   Decoration scenarios for film and theater

   Decoration for exhibition stands

   Murals on facades  (for restoration of buildings).

   Murals for Children and babies rooms.

   Jobs in Gold leaf moldings for restoration:

                                  Ancient Portals  -  Exhibitions  - Museums  -  Religious Venues

   Decoration for  Restaurants - Bars - Shops.


   False Stucco.




                                                            False marble                       Wood                      Fabrics

                                                            Bronze                                                                   Lapislazuli

                                                           Imitation tortoiseshell                                     Tiles